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MAI's Mortgagee or Loss Payee Clause Should Read:

  Mortgage Assurance Inc. ISAOA/ATIMA
     1200 Ashwood Pkwy. Ste. 200
      Atlanta, GA 30338

***This is for both Title and Hazard Insurance***

Disclosure Information

For your convenience we have grouped together the disclosures you may need outside of the standard Federal disclosures. 


Minimum RESPA disclosures are provided below. These documents can be found in your LOS system

Loan Estimate (RESPA)

The documents under this text are MAI required documents. For the Explanation For Additional Addresses and Additional Credit & Debt Disclosure a credit report form is acceptable.

Specific disclosures can be found below. MAI reserves the right to update required disclosures as necessary.

Current Job Opportunities

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