Non-QM Guidelines - Currently suspended

The Enhanced Credit Opportunity Program allows borrowers to    obtain mortgage loans in circumstances that are not normally        available to them in today’s Conforming Credit market. 

These loans are typically designed for borrowers who have experienced rough patches along the way but have assets are looking to own again. Borrowers can avoid renting and even refinance later once their situation has further improved.


  • LTVs: up to 90%

  • Loan amounts: Between    $100k -$1.5mm

  • FICOs: down to 500

  • DTI: up to 50%

  • Unlimited number of  financed properties

  • Cash Out Options

  • 1 Year out of Bankruptcy

  • 1 Day out of Short sale/Foreclosure

  • Can close as Corporation or LLC

  • Non-Warrantable Condos Allowed

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