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Experience The Power of BOLT

Mortgage Assurance Inc. is excited to provide BOLT, a brand new mortgage LOS for Wholesale brokers.  BOLT (Broker Origination Loan Technology) was built specifically to cater to its broker client needs. BOLT is a FAST digital technology platform which works across all browsers and is responsive to any device.  BOLT allows you to import your loan in a Mismo 3.4 format, structure the loan, lock, and send and sign electronic disclosures to consumers. Its intuitive work flow, (pre & post submission) helps guide you through the loans from origination to closing. Ultimately, BOLT streamlines the process for brokers, allowing them to do what they do best, SELL!


Mortgage Assurance Inc. understands brokers have limited time to worry about document preparation and compliance.  Partner with MAI today and see how BOLT launches you to more business!



  • Mismo 3.4 import

  • Full electronic disclosures for you and borrower(s)

  • Cut your submission process in half through automation

  • Easy loan tracking and workflow with automatic updates         

  • Branded with your name, logo, theme, and customizable

  • Constantly evolving to fit your needs



Ready to BOLT your business to the next level? Reach out to an AE Today:

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